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🧵👇🏾📧  Tired of keeping your itinerary on spreadsheets or storing it on email threads?

🌏 I'm an avid traveller having been lucky enough to travel throughout the globe over the past decade.

✈️ You're guaranteed to face hurdles in any travel and in my experience, the consistent problem was not a cultural barrier or language issue but always the documents!

  • 🎟 Always scrambling to find the ticket or booking reservation.
  • 💬 Always scrolling through messenger to find the recommended cafe, restaurant or bar from friends.
  • ⌗ Always jumping between the spreadsheets or apps I used to track who paid for what.

🙅🏽‍♀️ Forget spreadsheets, e-mails, booking sites and a dozen documents cluttering your hard drives or limited cloud storage.

💻 This Notion travel template helps you plan, research and organise your trip - so you can track everything in one place and move from clutter to clarity.

What's included and how does this work?


🌏 A trip database for all your trips

💻 An interactive section to plan your itinerary by item, date, cost and more!

🕑 Reminders for upcoming trips

📆 Automatically generates a calendar view based on inputted data

✈️ A dedicated section for flight, train, car and all other transport bookings

💶 Track your travel expenses and who paid for what

😷 A dedicated database for all your COVID documents so you can travel safely!

🧳 Templates to auto-generate a packing list so you can remember what to bring

✍🏽 A travel journal template so you can reflect on your adventures

💭 Tag your dream trips so you can bring them to life

🇰🇭 Track all the countries you've visited and associated trips

⚙️ Dedicated setup page so you can maximise the value from the template

👩🏽‍💻 Dedicated database page to keep everything clean!


✔️ Choose a trip

  • Create a trip using the Trip template.
  • Enter your dates, country, region.
  • An automatic formula will tell you how many days till your trip starts.

✔️ Set an itinerary

  • Enter itinerary items using the research and planning board by entering cities, category, date to visit, notes, price, who paid and attaching photos.
  • The itinerary automatically syncs to a calendar and expenses view.

✔️ Document everything neatly on one page

  • Capture all travel documents in one entry.
  • Quick language phrases that you can use on the go.
  • Packing lists templates to remind you what to bring on each trip.
  • Travel Journal template to reflect on each day
  • Document and share your trip/itinerary with family and friends


Does this work with a free Notion account?

  • Sure does! Just hit duplicate and you're good to go!

Are free updates included?

  • Yes - all updates are free and included! There is a Changelog page included in the template that will document any updates. I'll be sure to let you know of any updates too.

How will I know how to use the template?

  • The template includes a page dedicated to setup that explains (with walkthrough videos) how to get the most value from the template.

Can I share this with other people?

  • No. This is for individual license only. Looking to purchase for a team or a large number of people? Send me a message and I can offer a discount bulk bundle.

Hey 👋 I'm Hugh - the creator of this template.

I'm a Notion ambassador and obsessed with optimising Notion spaces!
You can check out my other templates here.
Want to get in touch? Shoot me a message on Twitter.

Happy to answer any questions you have!

  • Research, organise, document and remember your trips.

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  • Research, organise, document and remember your trips.
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